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Welcome to Wedding Cars Scotland we have chauffeured hundreds of satisfied customers to their destinations. With the expansion of our Chrysler 300C’s wedding cars we can now offer a modern alternative to the stereotypical Rolls Royce and Beaufords.

When quality, experience & service levels are important factors for your special day, then Wedding Cars Scotland are the company you should choose.

Chrysler 300C Wedding Cars

Our cars are maintained in outstanding condition, on both the inside and outside. With just one look it is clear ear that Chrysler 300C is a stunning car. Affectionately known as the “Baby Bentley” it has a deeply sculpted bonnet and distinctive wide checked Bentley style mesh grille. T the Chrysler 300C exterior is outspoken and proud.

Beauford Wedding Cars.

Our fleet consists of White Beaufords and Silver Beauford Cars and Silver & White Executive Mercedes Limousines.

Rolls Royce Wedding Cars.

Travelling in a “Roller” is an absolute must at some point in your life, and there isn’t a better time that on the most special day of all. your wedding day. The very essence of the spirit of ecstasy on top of the grille is an icon, which is recognised all over the world.